You Down With ITT?  You Should Be!

You Down With ITT? You Should Be!

travel-introI just love some old school hip hop (I just cringed at the thought of calling Naughty By Nature “old school”) and I love saving money.  Oh, and I love having fun which is why I’m all about using our installation ITT office (aka Information, Tickets, and Travel).

Your Installation ITT Office: Did You Know…

You can get you crazy awesome discounted tickets to major attractions world wide?

Discounted Disney?  Yes, please!  Not only can you get discounted tickets to Disney Parks, you’re also eligible for discounted rates on Disney Resort Hotels and the budget friendly Disney Dining Plans (my choice? Quick Service).

As a temporary Central Florida residents, we’ve made really great use of our Armed Forces Salute Tickets. There are three options for tickets:

  • 4 Day Park Hopper Ticket ($154)
  • 4 Day Water Parks Fun & More ($154)
  • 4 Day Park Hopper & Water Park Fun ($182)

We always opt for the 4 Day Water Park Fun & More option because it’s really like an 8 day ticket: you get four days to hit the amusement parks and 4 days of water parks (Blizzard Beach is a must!).  We don’t really park hop anyhow, so this gives us the biggest bang for our buck.

ITT also has discounted tickets for Universal Studios (Military Salute), free one day passes and discounted tickets to Anhieser Busch Parks (Here’s to the Heroes), and more!

If you’re overseas, ITT is a definite must.  Not only will you find local information, they’ve also got great travel programs to help you truly see the world!

ITT can help you plan almost any kind of travel and accommodations?

In addition to attraction tickets, ITT is a full service travel agency that can help you plan and book air travel, rent a  car, book a hotel, find a cruise, and build vacation packages.  As much as I love booking my own travel via the internet, I always stop in to my local ITT office as part of my shopping.

ITT makes it easy to be a local?

One of the most exciting things about moving has to be exploring your new home.  ITT has discounted tickets to tons of local attractions and events including museums, zoos, sporting events, concerts, and more.

Our super cool ITT secret?  We buy discounted movie tickets to our local AMC Theaters and save about $2-3 per ticket.

Find Your Local Installation/Branch ITT Office

No matter where you are, you can use any ITT office on any installation!  Oh, and another perk?  All purchases made at an ITT office are TAX FREE!  Here are the branch MWR and ITT sites to help you find your local office:




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  1. This might be very helpful as the hubs and I plan for our much needed vacation this summer! Thanks a million for sharing this!

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