About Me

My name is Adrianna Domingos-Lupher and welcome to Military Money Chica!  I’m an Air Force spouse, proud mama of two awesome girls, personal finance geek, and a champion of any career option that affords me the luxury of working in my jammies.

I’m not just a regular old finance geek…I’m an official and accredited personal finance geek (read: Accredited Financial Counselor) with over 6 years of experience in basic financial education and counseling.  Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to see what a working milspouses’ resume looks like.  Okay, I’l just tell you.  It looks like a patchwork quilt.

When I’m not blogging about the virtues of mastering your personal finances, you’ll find me geeking out over new media with my milspouse business partner, Carmen Grant, over at MSB New Media and all the awesome Military Spouse Bloggers or over at NextGen MilSpouse, the online destination for today’s military spouse, where I serve as the Editor-in-Chief.

About My Blog

I started Military Money Chica in 2012 as a an adventure in blogging.  You see, I’ve always loved writing, and often shared stories with close friends and family, who all said, “You should really write-write.”

the girlsSo, here I am, write-writing about the intersection of personal finance (obviously), marriage, parenting, and the military spouse experience.

You’ll hear about Homeskillet, my shopping-ninja of a spouse, La Grande (The Big Girl) and La Rubia Peligrosa (The Dangerous Blonde), my 6 and 2 year old…who bring me both endless joy and hair-pulling frustration, and, of course, my take on juggling the role of partner, mom, daughter, and professional.  Oh, yeah, and I spice it up with some Latina sabor (flavor).

Interested in connecting?  Come follow me on Twitter or feel free to send me an email: adri<at>msbnewmedia<dot>com.