What To Do If (And When) The Tooth Fairy Forgets Your House

What To Do If (And When) The Tooth Fairy Forgets Your House

We blew it.  La Grande lost a tooth this weekend and we blew our tooth fairy duty.  We totally forgot to do the one thing that makes losing a tooth less traumatic.  We’ve weaved a complicated and  magical web of lies and one slip up, no matter how slight, can bring her childhood and trust in us crumbling to the ground.  First it’s the tooth fairy and then it’s Santa, the Easter Bunny…what have we done!!!

Luckily, I’m good at lying to my kids…oh wait…uh, that did not come out right.  Let’s just get to the story.

La Grande: “Hey Mom, I guess the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit me last night.”

Me: <keeping the panic under wraps> “Are you sure?  Go check one more time”

<cue parental accusatory whispering>

Me to Homeskillet: “What gives?! You were in charge! What happened?”

Homeskillet: “Oh, man…I was sleepy and forgot.”

<cue smiles as La Grande enters the room>

La Grande: “Nope.  The Tooth Fairy forgot.”

Me: “Well, you might not have made the visit list last night.  You kind of lost your tooth a little late in the evening.”

La Grade: “Hmm.  Maybe.  Maybe he’ll come tonight.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

Phew!  She bought it.  But I knew I had to do some damage control.  I couldn’t leave it to Homeskillet.  He’d go to simple…he’d just grab the tooth and leave the cash behind.  I had to commit to our web of lies…go big or go home, right?

So…I decided that the Tooth Fairy would go one step further tonight.  The Tooth Fairy would leave an apology note.  An appropriately sized, believable note with a little bit of a bombshell at the end.


I would’ve never agreed to $2, but Homeskillet went rogue. He called it interest owed.

See how I took the magical lie to a whole new level?  I gave the tooth fairy a name and revealed her sex…which is important because La Grande was convinced that her Tooth Fairy was a guy.  Coolest. Kid. Ever.

To blow her theory out of the water and give her something unexpected, I transformed our tooth fairy into a girl.  And gave her a name: Dentina. Oh yes, Dentina.  Give me a break. It’s hard to come up with teeth related names that sound fairy like.  Molaria wasn’t gonna happen.

And see how I put a gentle reminder (read: parental reinforcement) about how important it is to brush your teeth because the Tooth, er Dentina takes note?

Make Your Own Tooth Fairy Apology Letter

It’s bound to happen, so you might as well be prepared.  Here’s what you need to construct your own Tooth Fairy mea culpa note:

1. Size appropriate paper
2. Magical ink (not standard colors)
3. An acknowledgement and a pledge of “never again”
4. A detail…the magic is in the detail…give your child a little special nugget of info about their tooth fairy, like a name

Has the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or other Great Pumpkin ever forgotten your house?  How did you keep the magic alive?



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  1. Just wanted to give a little tip for possible future letters of any sort: Be careful with your penmanship. I realized the painful truth about Santa when my mom wasn’t able to get the bike I wanted, so picked a different one, and had my cousin write me an apology/explanation note. I have to give her some credit for having my cousin write the note, but I still figured it out. Oh well, you still get the presents even after you figure out where they come from ;) Good job going Big though chica! The only way to go!!

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