Saving Time Means Saving Money

Saving Time Means Saving Money

That old adage “time is money” isn’t just advice for business owners or financiers…it’s great advice for us busy women, too.  One of the most time consuming part of my day revolves around meal preps.  I plan these elaborate meals and I burn myself out.  I’ll get on this awesome kick and then…boom.  I’m toast.  I start talking crazy like “let’s order out” or “let’s go out to eat.”  And there goes the money.

My dinners are fabulous…but they are crazy time consuming to make.  The prep alone can take 30-40 minutes and, honestly, I just don’t have the time for it.  We have this 4 o’clock perfect storm where La Grande’s homework/snack time ends, dinner prep starts, and La Rubia wakes from nap.

And let me tell you son-sing (a la Ricky Ricardo)…unless you’ve had the pleasure of reading a recipe, while having one child’s arms wrapped around both of your legs with their head resting in your crotch, as the other begins an endless barrage of questioning that would put the Spanish Inquisition to shame…when the phone rings…and the dog decides NOW is the time to go out…you haven’t experienced living.

Despite the fact that both of my children and my dog are against my home-chef aspirations, I seem hellbent on complicating my evenings which makes for a very grumpy/annoyed/low-tolerance me.  Which makes for an even more frigid, grinch-like wife-me when Homeskillet walks through the door.  According to him, you might as well write “Champagne Room” over the front door….Chris Rock reference…early 2000s…get it yet?

In short, my elaborate attempts at dinner result in a frustrated, rushed, sexless evening.  No bueno.

Well, rather than continue to beat the heck out of myself day after day after day, I’ve decided that something’s gotta give.  I’ve got to simplify my weekday meals or our eating out budget is going to go through the roof, because I’m losing steam.

Simplifying Our Evening Routine

In a good faith effort to make our evenings run smoothly and to make better use of my time, this week I’m dusting off the ole’ slowcooker and putting it to work.

Here are my recipes for the week:


Slow Cooker Ribs: Dry rubbed the ribs, cooked for 8 hours in the slow cooker, removed ribs from cooker and placed on baking sheet, slathered ribs in bbq sauce and slid them under the broiler WHILE WATCHING THEM for 5-7 minutes.


Slow Cooker Chili: Substitutions: extra garlic, doubled the tomatoes and kidney beans, subbed beer for wine


Korean Ribs ala Cooking With Libby (she’s a fab food blogger…check her out!) Modifications: Added 2 cloves of garlic, grated

Carne Guisada…this one’s an experiment. It’s a Puerto Rican beef stew (family recipe) I’m going to try in the slowcooker.  I’ve made it stove top and my mom believes it won’t work out…I’m on a mission to prove her wrong!

What are your favorite time saving recipes or tips for saving time/money in the kitchen?  Share them below!




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  1. While these recipes don’t mesh with my tastes (rib-free me!) I am all about the slow cooker. And I am envious that you use the liners, because that is easy clean-up. I am not a huge fan of them. But yay you!
    Andrea recently posted..You know you’re a mom when …My Profile

  2. We are all about the slow cooker here, especially in the winter. Our favorite recipe this winter has been my slow cooker beer can chicken. Seems to be doing well on Pinterest too (thanks Super Bowl!). I also like to morph the meals into something else later in the week. The Beer Can chicken turns into chicken fried rice a few days later. 2 meals, one slow cooker.
    Amiyrah recently posted..Valentine’s Day Fashion with Cookies KidsMy Profile

  3. I love making meals ahead of time and then freezing them. I do it on the weekend and then hubby pulls them out of the freezer and reheats them. I’ve also joined which has given me really great recipes that I’m able to cook in a reasonable amount of time. This is really helpful for me.

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