Quality Time And Halloween Cookies

Quality Time And Halloween Cookies

It’s confession time again.  I seem to have a lot of guilt sitting on my plate, but I’m finding it cathartic to share my shortcomings with all of you.  This time it wasn’t necessarily something that I did wrong.  It’s actually something I can’t seem to remember.   I get really caught up in the momentum of the relentless to-do list that is my life.  It’s an endless mental tape of tasks, reminders, appointments, chores, personal notes….it’s like a thief hellbent on stealing every waking and, sometimes sleeping, moment from me, and most importantly, my family.  Thank God for Halloween Cookies.

Don’t Drink The “I’m Too Busy” Kool-Aid

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said-

“Not right now, Mommy’s busy.”

“Can’t you see I’m in the middle of….”

“_____isn’t just going to <clean/dust/cook/fold/feed/fix> itself.”

“Just let me finish _____ and I’ll play with you.”

“We’ll do that this weekend, we just don’t have time to do that right now.”

and I know how that sounds.  I’m not stupid.  Time is relative.  I might not get that time back tomorrow or what if something happens and I never get the opportunity to play that game of Twister or take the extra 15 minutes it would take if I let La Grande make dinner with me.

And then I tell myself, “Don’t worry!  They’ll be fine.  It’ll all come out in the wash, because next weekend we’re going to the movies.”

Your Kids Don’t Want Your Money They Want Your Time

It doesn’t matter how many movies you go to, toys you buy, or vacations you take, if you’re not spending simple quality time with your kids, you’re missing out and wasting money.

Isn’t it weird how much time and effort we put into finding new and exciting outings and activities for our kids to do?  Lessons here, classes there, annual passes to museums, mama-jama theme park packed vacations…and the best part?  We feel obligated to do it.  Why shouldn’t they experience it?

Well, I don’t think that your kids are automatically on the road to entitled because you want to provide them with enriching and memorable experiences.  But maybe, just maybe, you’re missing the boat sometimes.  Like me.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing the gleam of excitement and joy in my children’s eyes.  And you know what elicits that response more brightly than anything else?  The simplest things.

 Halloween Cookies: The Best Quality Time Money Can’t Buy

I really do hate baking, but La Grande has no idea.  She thinks I’m the direct descendant of Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines.  It’s not so much that I hate baking, but more so that I’m not very good suck at it.  I chalk it up to the fact that I’m pretty good cook, and that it would be selfish to be able to both cook and bake fabulously…you just get one or the other.

And if you can do both, shut your face.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Because I’ve been so preoccupied lately, I made a secret commitment to myself to make an effort to return back to basics when it comes to spending time with the girls.  No more elaborate or day-long outings.  Just simple.  With that in mind, I knew I wanted to do some Halloween baking with the girls.

La Grande loves, LOVES, anything that has to do with the kitchen, and since baking involves sugar, she loves it that much more, of course.  La Grande proclaimed our Halloween baking activity the “best day ever” and our cookies were “the best cookies [she's] ever eaten.”

Special Thanks To Time Dog

I want to give a special shout out to Time Dog for making our cookie baking evening a success!  Time Dog has become such a big part of my mama tool-kit.  Time Dog dug up cookie recipes just for us and emailed them to me so that I could focus on wrapping up work and smoothly transition to becoming Chef Mommy.  Interested in learning more about Time Dog and my cool status as a Time Dog Champ? Use the widget below and get three free requests to see how you can save time and money, too!




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