Potty Training: The Show Down

Potty Training: The Show Down

Today is the day that we chose to start La Rubia with potty training.  Honestly, I haven’t seen any signs from the heavens that she’s ready…we get the occasional disappearing pooper and the announcements of “I pee pee,” I poop,” and “I stink…gross,” but nothing truly concrete.

From day 1 La Rubia has been a different little cookie.  Totally different than La Grande.  La Grande is quiet, compliant, and independent.  La Rubia is loud, defiant, and a cuddler.  I love each of them for their difference.  I love the “rule regulator” I have in La Grande and the “woo girl” I have in La Rubia.

Our parenting style has been mostly consistent, particularly when it comes to routine and acceptable behavior, but our approaches to yield the results we desire are like night and day. I expect that potty training won’t be any different.

8 Day Potty Training This Time?

La Grande gave us every single sign you could imagine that she was ready for potty training.

  • Waking up dry from sleep and naps
  • Interest in the potty and toilet paper (she actually became our bathroom concierge…she handed out TP and flushed the toilet for you)
  • Successful pre-bath pee-pee pre-training
  • Consistent recognition of pee-pees and poops in the diaper

Our method?

  • Lots of patience…and they still ran out towards the end.
  • Cold turkey from all diapers and diaper-like products
  • Stayed home bound until I saw consistent use of potty…so first 4-5 days
  • No reprimands for accidents, but we did go directly to the potty and discuss “pee-pee-ing in the potty”
  • Big parties and a treat for successes…I used a sticker chart…

Notice how I said, “I”? Homeskillet was deployed so I was solo for this mission.  So. much. fun.

Potty training La Grande was still one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  As a matter of fact, I was ready to give up on day 7.  I was ready to grab the diapers and put her back in them until another day.

I even called my parents saying “I can’t do this anymore!!”

They told me to stay the course.   And I did.  And on day 8 the skies opened up and it clicked.   True story.

Different Child, Different Potty Training Expectations

Do I expect 8 days to successful potty training?  Hell to the no.  I have zero expectations for success or failure.  All I know is that my strategy is going to have to be totally different.

How you ask?  I have no idea.  But I’ll let you know how it goes until we make it to potty success.




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