NextGen MilSpouse: Working for Me Full Time

NextGen MilSpouse: Working for Me Full Time

Oh boy.  I did it.  I’m resigning from my steady, predictable part-time job and jumping full force into my latest project, NextGen MilSpouse.  For those of you who totally missed my shameless plugs for our January 2013 launch, NextGen MilSpouse is an online magazine geared towards empowering and connecting our diverse military spouse community that puts a fresh spin on what it means to be a military spouse today.  The tagline is, perhaps, one of the coolest, if not THE coolest things that has ever hatched out of my brain: Because the last thing you are is dependent.

As excited as I am about going out on a limb to put all of my blood, sweat, and coffee addiction into this project, I have to admit, I’m scared.  It’s not like I was rolling in dough working for a small non-profit, but there is something comforting about a having a regular paycheck, no matter how measly it is.  I am going to be cutting back on some of our discretionary spending to cover the cost of La Rubia’s part time child care, and I think we’ll be dropping cable, reducing my gym membership, and slamming the breaks on our eating out budget.  Not that you asked for my money confession or anything.

My biggest fears come from the fact that I’m just scared that I might just fall flat on my face and fail in front of God, my family, my Facebook friends, and the Twittersphere <gasp>. That all the time I’ve poured into this venture that’s taken time away from my family and friends will be for naught.

<cue tiny violins everywhere>

My next biggest fear is that maybe, just maybe, I’ll succeed.  Maybe I will bring something new to the table and it will open doors for me even though I would have never dreamed anything like this for myself.  Ever.  And then my brain just cycles back to failure.  And then the possibility of success.  Then failure.  Then success.

And then I ask Homeskillet for a hug and he is gracious enough to hug me for as inappropriately long a time as I need.

Had you asked me 10 years ago if I thought I’d be a blogger and editor of an online magazine that I built, I would’ve 1) asked you what a blog is, and 2) laughed you out of the room.  Which is kind of odd, because I laugh myself out of the room from time to time now.

And so, here I am, feeling kind of naked and kind of pitiful that I just unloaded on all of you.  I want to thank all of you for being my friends and being such loyal readers.  Had it not been for you and your support and feedback, I don’t think I’d be standing on this ledge (thanks a lot!  I kid.  I kid.) facing such an exciting and unknown future.

Oh, and don’t worry!  You’re still my top priority.  I’ve got so many fun and exciting things to share just for my Money Chicas and Chicos!




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  1. I personally think that you are doing a fantastic job with the launch of NextGen and I will not let it fail! So talk yourself off of that ledge! You are a powerhouse and I am learning so much from you!
    And I agree the tagline is AMAZING.
    krista recently posted..The Best Beer Bread… EVERMy Profile

    • Krista, I couldn’t do it with out you…and we are a powerhouse. If I’m teaching you and succeeding, then it’s because you’re so willing to learn and do everything. Thanks for having my back!

  2. I’m so glad you’re willing to go out on a limb and share your knowledge with others. Like Krista said, we won’t let you fail! Already I’ve found the conversations engaging and thought provoking. I can’t wait to start my life as a milspouse so I can join in more often!

    • Caroline, you are welcome even if you haven’t officially become a milspouse yet! I hope you continue to hang out with us and share your experiences and story too. I think sigOs get lost in the mix and it’s almost harder to be a milSigO than a milspouse because of how difficult it can be to join the larger community. Thank you for commenting!
      MoneyChica2012 recently posted..NextGen MilSpouse: Working for Me Full TimeMy Profile

  3. I think you are amazing and I have never met you! I’m really excited about this site and what it has to offer spouses! Plus, I totally love all the contributors personal blogs (including yours). So, take a step back from the ledge because NexGen Milspouse is going to be amazing (at least I think so)!!
    Kate recently posted..Tax Time TipsMy Profile

  4. You will never be anything but amazing! You have boundless energy and enthusiasm. You care deeply about the things you believe in and you love what you do. There is no place to go but up! I’m excited to be watching the ride :)
    Jennifer recently posted..Is a Lie ever acceptable?My Profile

  5. SUPER happy for you! I wish you all the best, and I know you’re going to SUCCEED! :)
    Sonja Foust recently posted..Beach DayMy Profile

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