Giveaway! I’m A TimeDog Champion!

I am a Time Dog Champion, my friends!  (Don’t lie.  You know you have Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ looping in your head right now.  You’re welcome.)  But in all seriousness, I am very excited to share my new status as a #TDChamp (via Twitter) with you.

You’re probably asking yourself, time-what?  Time? Dog?  What is that?  Is that like Time, Dawg?  Like I got time, Dawg?

Well, kind of.  It’s kind of like that.  I do have more time to do amazing things with my day because I have time, Dawg, thanks to Time Dog.  Time Dog is a daily personal virtual assistant service made to help busy women save time and money.

Ah, now I’ve got you listening!

As a Time Dog Champion, I get to share all of my fabulous experiences learning about how Time Dog
can save all of us multi-taksing mamas one of the things we always want more of: time.

Rather than give you a list of all the ins and outs of how Time Dog works, let me just show you my first and FAVORITE experience that made me a believer in Time Dog.

The Great Breast Pump Caper: Time Dog to the Rescue!

Let me set the stage.  We were t-minus 24 hours from departing on a last minute weekend trip to North Carolina.  I’m frantically wrapping up all of my last minute errands before we hit the road.

I’m in my car on the expressway in Tampa, FL and I get a call from my mom, who is at work, asking me to call around and find her a breast pump for my sister’s baby shower gift in Fayetteville, NC and see if a store can hold it for her so she can pick it up after work because she is just slammed.

My response to her: “I’ll see what I can do.”

My internal reaction: Yep.  Yep.  You’re slammed?!  I’m about to make a 12 hour trip with my 2 year old solo and I’m leaving Homeskillet at home unsupervised. Gah!

But wait…I don’t have to turn around and go home or stop off and start hopping store to store to find this breast pump…I can call Time Dog!

First of all, I had no idea if Time Dog could even tackle this request, but I had to try.  There was no way I could stop the momentum of my day to go play personal assistant for my mom.   And Time Dog is a personal assistant, so why not ask MY personal assistant to tackle this one for me?

I called and I began my request by apologizing for the request.  I explained that I wasn’t sure if they could handle this weird task and I that I would be really understanding.  But you know what Emily said to me?  “No problem!”

And then she went further. Emily asked, “Do you want me to call your mom and let her know when we’ve located the pump and where she can pick it up?”

ERMAGOSH.  I responded, “Seriously?!”

Emily kindly laughed, “Sure! No problem! And we’ll text you to let you know when it’s all done.”

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Surely, this was a dream come true for me!  I never, NEVER thought I could have back-up like this in my life!

The whole thing went off without a hitch.  Mom was able to pick up the breast pump, I got my errands day done, and all was well with the world!

This immediately got me thinking about all the  times I wish I had had Time Dog, especially as a military spouse.

Imagine how awesomely easy your PCS would go with Time Dog on your side?

  • Need to find a list of new Tricare providers?  Check.
  • Want to find addresses to local farmer’s markets? Check.
  • What are your options for gyms with childcare? Check.
  • Need to find neighborhoods central to base? Check.
  • Looking for a list of family friendly activities in the area? Check.

Boom goes the dynamite!  Right?  Think about how much easier deployments and TDYs would be with Time Dog on your side?

I know you’ll love Time Dog as much as I do.  As a matter of fact, wouldn’t you love to have a free month of Time Dog’s virtual personal assistant service?  Register below for your chance to win!


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    This is brilliant! So necessary for women like me definitely know others who can benefit will share.Excellent information thanks for sharing!
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  2. Danyell says:

    Because my memory is horrible. I spend more time looking for my 80 to do list than I do doing my to do’s

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