Fairy Easy Cheese Quesadillas

Fairy Easy Cheese Quesadillas

Summer getting you down?  Looking for something fun and easy to entertain your munchkins?  How about an impromptu fairy princess tea party?

Oh yes, I said fairy tea party.  From prior posts you should know that I’m neither crafty nor fairy-like, but when you’ve got two tu-tu loving, high-heel wearing, ballet-dancing, self-proclaimed princesses, a tea party is always on the horizon.  Always.

Rather than encourage my girls to go enjoy playing princess quietly in their rooms, the heavens opened up and Martha Stewart’s spirit jumped from her vineyard (that’s why it’s called Martha’s Vineyard, right?  Okay, so I have no idea where she  lives) into my brain and then instantly animated my mouth to excitedly shout, “Hey, girls!  Let’s have a fairy tea party lunch!”

My brain must’ve been super high on caffeine, because we ran up stairs, got dressed in our fairy best, including me and my sister in law, complete with fairy hairstyles and sparkle lip gloss.

As we dressed, I began calculating the simplest way I could transform our standard lunch into a fairy-tastic lunch adventure that wouldn’t make a huge mess or take too much time.  I don’t know about you, but my fairies are rather impatient.

Quesadillas make for a quick lunch, but they’re not very fairy-like. But then I thought, a ha!  Cookie cutters!  Martha was definitely having fun using my brain and body.

I grabbed a flower and butterfly cookie cutter and went to work on some flour tortillas and this is what we ended up with:

Fairy Easy Quesadillas Pin

Here’s what you’ll need to make these Fairy Easy Cheese Quesadillas:

-  Fun fairy-ish cookie cutters (or any cookie cutters of your choice)

-  Medium or Large Flour Tortillas

-  Shredded Cheese

-  Butter for grilling, trust me…it makes a killer quesadilla

Note: Medium tortillas yielded four cutouts…you’ll need two cutouts per quesadilla.  I would definitely get the large ones next time.  Also, there were quite a bit of leftover tortilla scraps and you could salvage them by toasting them up in the oven and using them as irregular chips for dipping in hummus or salsa.

Ta-da!  Instant fairy fun!  Let me know if you decide to try this out…I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. We have two Autistic children and have trouble getting them to eat anything. I will give these a try and see if they can find some middle ground with them between the chicken nuggets and burgers. They do look good.

    • I can’t imagine how frustrating it is! My youngest is stubbornly picky and it drives me up the wall. Do give these a try and let me know how they go. Bonus if you can sneak in veggies and proteins ;)

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