Disney Parks Blog ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Family Game Day!

Disney Parks Blog ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Family Game Day!

What can I say? Disney Parks definitely knows how to roll out the red carpet.  The ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Family Game Day event at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida, was an absolute BLAST!  If you’ve ever been to anything that Disney has a hand in, you know they don’t go anything but full throttle.  Not only did we get a sneak peak of Disney’s much-hyped soon to be released Wreck-it Ralph, we got an all access pass to DisneyQuest to channel our inner arcade gamer. 
Our day got to an early start with an o-dark-thirty wake up that had this Chica begging for 15 more minutes.  Oh, and then another 10.  Amazingly enough, Homeskillet has a special way of being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we have early morning wake-ups.  He loves the smell of Napalm in the morning…and I, of course, am the Napalm.

I think he secretly loves that I suck at mornings.  And I think internally he lords it over my head as a bonus point in his column.  Well, you know what?  He can have mornings.  I rule at everything else.  I RULE!  HE DROOLS!  Not that we’re competitive or anything…

Of course, in true geek-chic style, we coordinated our family outfits the night before knowing we’d have to Disney up our wardrobes for the event.

Our first stop had to be a photo op with Wreck-it Ralph of course!

We spent a couple of hours gaming it up.  Although we’d been to Disney many times before, we’d never visited DisneyQuest.

There’s Something For Everyone At Disney Quest

So here’s the skinny. DisneyQuest is pretty much a 5-story arcade.   From New and old arcade games, games that traditionally issue tickets ( a la Chuck-E-Cheese), virtual reality games…it’s a pretty impressive inventory.  At first, I found myself disoriented.  There isn’t a whole lot that Disney offers that I’m not familiar with, so I found myself a bit lost.

With La Grande and La Rubia in tow, my initial concern was finding age appropriate activities to engage them in immediately.  As much as Michael and I like to game, the munchkins were our limfac (civvie speak…limiting factor).  Of course, Disney has a magical way of providing something for all ages.  After consulting the map, we headed to the fourth floor, home to the gaming area for kids ages 2-7.  Bingo, bango, bongo!

A little something for everyone at DisneyQuest! Homeskillet shows the girls how to shoot hoops, La Rubia enjoys sometime on the fire truck, and La Grande channels her inner artist!

Of course, one of the most popular games there had to be Fix-it Felix, Jr.!

“I’m gonna wreck it!”

Wreck-it Ralph Is A Must See On November 2

Mark your calendars for November 2.  You’ve gotta see Wreck-it Ralph.  Homeskillet and I loved the retro video game cameos like PacMan, Street Fighter, Q*bert…I don’t want to spoil it.  Let’s just say there were so many cameos, we lost track!  The humor is smart and sharp…the perfect blend of parent and child friendly humor.

Mark your calendars for November 2!  We loved it and we know you will, too!

The best measure of how good it was?  I want to see it again.  And then buy it and watch it incessantly…because…well, that’s what my kids do.

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