Cereal Sticker Shock No More

Cereal Sticker Shock No More


Have I ever told you how much I love shopping at the Commissary? For my non-military readers, that’s what we call the grocery store located on base/post.  Sometimes, I don’t even realize the savings until it slaps me in the face.  To make matters worse, I’m a horrible coupon clipper, so you wouldn’t imagine my delight at being contacted to share a special program brought to you by General Mills to help military families save even more at the Commissary!

Just this past week, we were totally out of cereal <insert children screaming everywhere>, and I figured I’d just pick up cereal off-base as part of my errands day.  When I went to grab this week’s cereal picks, Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, among others, my eyes immediately zeroed in on the price.

Now, I know that cereal isn’t really crazy expensive or some hot commodity, but it didn’t stop me from getting sticker shock. My first thought, “Oh, heck noes! I’m going to the Commissary!”

Yes, I thought “noes”…don’t judge.

The best part of deciding to go to the Commissary? Not only were my cereals $1-2 cheaper, there was even a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes of General Mills Cereal.  I feel like I win the lottery whenever I find an in store for the exact item on my list!

 You know what’s even better than finding a coupon live and in person? Having coupons sent directly to you VIA EMAIL or even better…via text message.


Sign Up For General Mills Military Region Coupons & Offers

As it turns out, that’s exactly what General Mills is offering to Commissary shoppers everywhere. Beginning in January, you can get General Mills coupons delivered directly to your email inbox.


Click.Through.PageJust text GMSAVE to 82857 to opt-in to receive exclusive General Mills coupons via email, info and news on new products, and sale events at your local commissary! Message and data rates may apply.  4 alerts per month. Reply STOP to end or HELP for help. General Mills Privacy Policy

 Now, Commissaries aren’t quite ready to accept mobile coupons, so you’ll have to print these out and take them with you, but hey! At least you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself.

For now, you’ll receive 2 super short email blasts per month, one of which will be a coupon email blast.

Interested in learning even more? Check out the General Mills Military Region Coupons and Offers page on Facebook!



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