How To Save Money On Groceries Without Using Coupons

How To Save Money On Groceries Without Using Coupons

Suck at coupons

I suck at using coupons.  I never remember to clip them or if I do manage to clip them, I leave them at home or in the car or in my purse.  I don’t have anything against coupons and by now  you know that I love saving money, so it’s not like I’m trying to be a spendthrift.  I just suck at couponing.

To make matters worse, I am not motivated to use coupons because, frankly, very little that I buy falls into the “has a coupon” category.  I mean, if lettuce had a coupon or asparagus, count me in!  But they don’t.  And I know that a lot you experience the same thing.

You want to save money,  you’re willing to use coupons, but there aren’t any coupons for what you buy.  So, how do you save money on groceries if nothing you buy has coupon?

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Talk Money To Me, Baby

Talk Money To Me, Baby

Money is a really personal topic for a lot of people.  It’s almost like talking about sex.  Or politics. Or religion.  Actually, it’s a lot like sex, politics, and religion.  The way we feel about money has everything to do with how we grew up and how we make sense of the world around us. And amazingly, the less we talk about something the more difficult it is for us to understand and control.

Money is a tool.  That’s it.

It doesn’t mean that you matter.

Or that you’re better or worse than someone else.

It doesn’t really mean anything at all.

Say it with me, “money is a tool.”

Think about it this way.  Let’s pretend you have a hammer and you don’t know how to use it. Chances are you’re gonna use it every which way but the right way.  You might kind of figure out how to get to do what you want, but it’s not going to be as efficient at using it until you learn the proper technique.

Money is no different than a hammer.  You have to know how to use it to get what you want from it. (As a matter of fact, I bet some of you own a hammer and don’t really know the proper way to use it.  Thank you, 4 hours of roofing with Habitat for Humanity.  Turns out I didn’t know how to use one either.)

Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Money!Some of us don’t like talking about money because it makes us uncomfortable.  Maybe you were told it’s rude to talk about money.  Well, I’ll tell you what…it isn’t.

It isn’t rude to talk about money.  Maybe it’s rude to pry about how much money someone makes, but talking about how to save money or invest money or buy a home isn’t rude at all.  How are you going to learn how to make the most of your money, until you ask what others are doing?

You know who talks about money?  People who have money.  Wealthy people.  And you know how they got wealthy and plan to stay wealthy?  By talking about money.

So don’t be shy.  Talk money.  Talk money with me.  Talk money with your honeyTalk money with your children.  Whatever you do, just talk money.


Are You Wasting Money On Your Picky Eater? 3 Ways Parents Can Save Money & Frustration

Are You Wasting Money On Your Picky Eater? 3 Ways Parents Can Save Money & Frustration

La Rubia is a ridiculously, aggravatingly, annoyingly picky eater.  I am convinced that her finickiness has absolutely nothing to do with food and absolutely everything to do with power.    And let me preface this by saying that I know it’s a phase and one day her palate will expand and we will laugh merrily and hold hands and sing Kumbayah around the dinner table, but we aren’t there yet.  Not by a long shot.

As self-professed foodies, our favorite indulgence is definitely going out to eat.  As a family of four we’re typically spending somewhere between $30-40 bucks a meal.  Not cheap.  And certainly not worth it if the meal is wrought with aggrivation and chants of “I don’t ‘yike’ it” or “I’m not hungry (but I really am, but I don’t want to eat what you ordered so I’m being diplomatic).”

I’m not sure if it’s our naivete or wishful thinking -probably wishful thinking- that has us wasting money on La Rubia left and right when we’re out on the town and it’s finally hit a breaking point.  We finally found our common sense parenting (and budgeting) and are re-committed to making these three changes stat.

Picky Eater

Picky Eater Rule Number 1: Forgo the Kids’ Menu and Have Your Child Share with Mom or Dad (or both)

First of all, I hate kids’ food menus anyways.  Who goes out for Japanese to order some chicken nuggets?  Perhaps if it’s served as Chicken Katsu, cool, but nuggets are nuggets, no matter how you slice it. Also, I won’t feel obligated to snatch food off of her plate and add to my own calorie count, thankyouverymuch.

Did you know that grazing off of kids meals contribute to parental weight gain.  True story.

Our best bet is just sharing with La Rubia rather than ordering her her own meal.  I’m sure this will reach a point of diminishing returns, but for now it’s the smartest choice we can make.

Picky Eater Rule Number 2: When In Doubt, Pack A Meal

If I pack La Rubia a meal I don’t have to feel the aggravation of paying anywhere between $4 and $7 for her to NOT eat it.

I might as well set my money on fire, right?

And for some reason, she gets off on carrying her own lunch box.  Weird kid, I know.  I’d rather pack her a cheese stick, bread cubes, a squeezie fruit thing, and a sippy cup filled with water and see her eat it all than watch her pick and staunchly not eat what we bought.

Don’t worry about restaurants regulating on you bringing outside food into the establishment…most won’t even question you based on your child’s age, especially if it’s a toddler or preschooler.  If you’re feeling like you’re breaking the law, just ask and make sure it’s okay.  Chances are they’ll accommodate you.

Picky Eater Rule Number 3: Always Check Kids Eat Free Specials.

If all else fails, I can always pull up my free Out to Eat With Kids App to see local kid’s eat free specials.  At least if I’m not paying for it, it feels a little less painful if she doesn’t really eat her food.  Granted, I’ll feel guilty about the wasted food, but at least my money won’t be self-combusting in front of my face.

How do you save money with your picky eaters?  Are your picky eaters driving you batty?

A New School Year is Better than the New Year

A New School Year is Better than the New Year

I love school.  Even though I’m no longer a student or a teacher, I find that the beginning of a new school year is magical, even more so than New Years.

New clothing.  Sharp crayons.  A snazzy new backpack.  Unsmudged erasers.

New friends. New attitudes. New adventures.

A return to routine.  Yes, this.  A return to routine.

Everything is so fresh and new and exciting.  Even the painfully early mornings are beautiful.

New Year’s is kind of a cliche “fresh start” but a new school year?  That’s as fresh as it gets. You know?

You can reinvent yourself.  Recommit yourself.  And I find that, as a mom, a new school year is a fresh start for me too.

Both girls are in school this year and to be quite honest, I really needed some time to get my head on straight.

Between opting out of the traditional work force, the lazy crazy meandering non-routine of summer, and Homeskillet’s outrageous unavailability, I haven’t been very kind to myself…unless you call snacking, grazing and generally not-working-out being kind.  Which I don’t.

The worst part is that I know EXACTLY what I have to do in order to get it back together.  Isn’t that the pits?  When you’re the only person standing in your own damn way?

If you’re anything like me, you just need a push sometimes.  That catalyst that jump starts awesomeness.  That I AM AWESOME HEAR ME ROAR stuff, ya know?  And for me, that’s the start of the school year.

I’m shaking off my literal and proverbial pajamas, becoming one with the sun (and an earlier bedtime), and am ready to get my girls through this school year with a healthy mom pushing them from behind.

Here are a few things I need to focus on this school year:

- Beating my kids awake…woah, not like that. Talk about a poor choice of words. I have to wake up BEFORE them….at least 20-30 minutes ahead of them.  I bet I have your attention now.

- Making lunch the night before…for ALL of us.

- Working out…no excuses. 4 days a week at least.

- Keeping up with my weekly menu…with minimal lapse…so we don’t order out because I am weak…and lazy…and weak.

- Setting real work/life boundaries…and sticking to them.  “Mommy time is mommy time, not working mommy time.” <repeat>

I think this is a pretty tall order by itself.  Do you set goals for the school year?

How are you taking advantage of this new school year?  Any new routines, tips, or techniques you’re implementing this year?

5 Easy Steps to Makeover Your Budget

5 Easy Steps to Makeover Your Budget

Are you looking for a down and dirty guide to help you build a budget?  I’ve got 5 steps to get your budget built and on track.  Download my MS Excel version or printable budget worksheet and make your budget happen!

Step 1: Figure out how much money you really make.

You’ll need to grab your most current pay stub, if you’re salaried or have a regular, predictable hourly schedule.  If your hours vary, you work on commission, or you earn overtime, you might want to grab 3-6 months worth of paystubs to help you get an accurate picture of your income.

Check out my step-by-step guide to figure out how much money you make each month.

Step 2: Determine how much it costs you to be you.

Everyone has three types of expenses in their budget: fixed expenses, flexible expenses, and periodic expenses.

  • Fixed Expenses stay the same every month.  Examples: mortgage, rent, cable bill, insurance premium, savings deposits, retirement contributions, loan repayment
  • Flexible Expenses…yep you guessed it, they fluctuate from month to month.  Examples: Gas, groceries, clothing, electricity
  • Periodic Expenses happen annually, quarterly…you get the idea. Examples: holidays, car maintenance, property tax, birthdays, car registration

Check out my step-by-step guide to determining your monthly expenses.

square makeoverStep 3: Get a grip on your debt.  Know how much you owe and who you owe it to.

Regardless the type of debt that you carry, the most important thing you can do is execute a plan to get out of debt in the smartest, quickest, cheapest way possible.

Quick tips for paying down common types of debt:

  • Credit Cards & Personal Loans: Pay off high interest credit cards first.  Or just go visit my favorite smart, quick, cheap, FREE debt repayment calculator at PowerPay.
  • Car Loans: Make extra car payments or send a little bit more in each month to bring down the interest costs.
  • Mortgage: If you can make an additional mortgage payment each year, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money on interest.
  • Student Loans:  If your loans create a major burden on your wallet, see if you qualify for an income based repayment plan.

Step 4: Start looking at ways to cut back on your monthly expenses

Here are some resource to help you save money on your housing, food, utilities, and other monthly expenses:

Step 5: Plan your budget with savings in mind.

Every solid budget has emergency savings at its core, along with other short and long-term savings goals.  Here are a few resources to guide you on developing your savings plans:

Once you’ve got your budget down on paper, the next step is to monitor your spending and keept it

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your budget?  Do you have any budgeting tips to share?  Leave a comment below!


Military Money Chica Mamiverse Feature by Diana Limongi

Military Money Chica Mamiverse Feature by Diana Limongi

Thank you so much to Mamiverse and Diana Limongi (check out her blog, LadydeeLG and follow her on Facebook), for interviewing me and sharing my story.  I am honored.

For Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, aka Military Money Chica, the Armed Forces have always been a part of her life. She declares herself an Army brat; it’s all she’s ever known. Domingos-Lupher married her high school sweetheart (they even went to prom together!), who is in the Armed Forces. She is mom of two beautiful girls, whom she sweetly refers to as “La Rubia y La Grande.” Today, after years of working at many different types of jobs, Domingos-Lupher uses her skills to provide opportunities for military spouses and their families. Not only is she giving back to her community, she is helping build community.

The Military Money Chica-MainPhoto


Being the spouse of an active military member is hard on many levels: just imagine all the things non-military couples deal with, and then think about your spouse being deployed, possibly to dangerous parts of the world, for months at a time, leaving you in charge of everything. Maybe you’ve got kids to take care of; maybe you have to move frequently depending on where your spouse is stationed. Domingos-Lupher was additionally frustrated at having an MA in Education but no job where she could use her skills. Since she had always loved writing, she began blogging as a way to vent. In less than a year, all the stars aligned, and she went from blogging on Tumblr to creating Military Money Chica, a blog about finances, the military spouse experience and relationships…

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Imaginary Friends Are Normal, Right?

Imaginary Friends Are Normal, Right?

La Rubia has a new friend named “Baby Bird” and I’m trying not to allow the small corner of my brain that is flashing “danger, Will Robinson” to cause me to panic.  Imaginary friends are totally normal.  I get that.  But it’s still kind of weird.

This is what I see…


But I think this is what she sees…

baby bird

Even though I pride myself on applying the CTFD (Calm the F Down) approach to parenting most of the time, I sometimes I can’t help but be a little paranoid.  I mean, one friend is cool.  Maybe a second wouldn’t be so bad, but if it turns into this…


I might be singing another tune.

For now, I’m trying to CTFD and have fun with our new housemate.

From what I’ve learned so far, Baby Bird doesn’t like taking naps.  Nor does Baby Bird like to stay put.  He/She flies all over the place and is often found resting in the most interesting places.  Baby Bird loves snacks and sometimes doesn’t share with La Rubia.  Baby Bird is a great influence on La Rubia and when I ask Baby Bird  to clean up, La Rubia always insists on helping, too! <insert devilish smile here>

Did your children have imaginary friends?  Did they name them?  When did they outgrow them?

5 Ways Your Military Family Can Save Even More With Disney’s Armed Forces Salute

5 Ways Your Military Family Can Save Even More With Disney’s Armed Forces Salute

We are in full Disney vacation planning mode in the wake of Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Renewal Announcement for 2013-2014 and I’m preparing to make sure we get the most Mickey we can get with the least amount of money…and this is how we do it!  (Go ahead, channel your inner Montell Jordan.  I know I am.)


1. Pick the Right Disney Parks Ticket Option

Our Armed Forces Salute Ticket of Choice? 4 Day Military Promotional Tickets with Water Park Fun and More Option.  This gives us 4 days of parks AND 4 days of water parks resulting in 8 days of Disney awesomeness!  Don’t forget to buy it at your installation’s ITT office!

Why?  We are park monogamous.  We don’t park hop because we’d rather not go through the park-to-park transit in the middle of the day.  We are also hard core park goers…we stay from open-to-close on most days.

We love Disney in the Fall!

We love Disney in the Fall!

2. Visit Disney Off-Season

Summer means hibernation for Floridians and I’m still pretty scarred from childhood summer trips to Disney.  The crowds!  The heat!  The mid-day thunderstorm!  Oh, and most importantly, the higher prices!

Disney has pricing seasons.  Any money savvy vacation planners, should definitely take note of when they are.

Check out for an awesomely detailed price season analysis.

3. Stay at the Walt Disney World Resort

Yes.  Just do it.  As a child I never stayed on resort so it was always my dream to see what it was like.  Our first full resort/park vacation in 2009 sealed the deal for me for life.  Not only are you conveniently located on Disney property, you have the option to use resort transportation or you can drive your own vehicle without having to pay additional for parking…it’s a resort perk!

You have several pricing options when it comes to finding the right hotel, but if budget is driving your decision…

4. Pick A Disney Value Resort

The way we see it, we’re hardly spending any time in our rooms.  We’re not there to chill out in our four walls…we’re at Disney to hang with Mickey!  We’ve stayed on resort twice, both times at value resorts (Pop Century & All-Star Movies) and it was fabulous.

Did you know that the resorts are offering military discounts, too?  You can save 30, 35, 0r 40% on rooms booked at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL or 40% off rooms booked at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.  I always call direct to (407) 939-5277.

5. Add the Disney Dining Plan

Homeskillet and I opted to add in the meal plan as an experiment during our 2009 trip and it more than paid for itself!  As budgetistas, we opted for the quick-service dining plan and then studied the hell out of the menus of all of the participating restaurants.  At that time the plan allowed for two quick service meals and two snacks per person per day (way too much food, in our opinion), but now is 2 meals and 1 snack per day…much more our speed.

Fun foodie fact? Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney offers a fabulous 15% military discount all the time.  It’s our fave stop.  We never miss it.  AND it’s considered a quick service meal.  Bonus!

So what are you waiting for?!  Let’s start planning and saving for our next Disney vacation right now!

Are you planning on heading to Disney?  What’s your favorite thing about visiting?

What Color is Hispanic?

What Color is Hispanic?

America’s having a really tough time grappling with the idea that the term Hispanic has absolutely nothing to do with an identifiable characteristic like skin color.  After the controversy surrounding the media’s description of George Zimmerman as a “white-Hispanic” I couldn’t help but laugh at the desperation to paint this case in the only colors our country seems to be able to process.  White and black.  Black and white.

As a tannish-brown (according to La Grande) person growing up in the South, nobody seemed to comprehend that I was neither white, black, or mixed, at least in the traditional sense.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to answer the question, “is your mom black or your dad?”  When I would answer neither, I’d watch the lights inevitably go off.

My skin color did not compute.

It didn’t compute with people.  It didn’t compute with standardized testing demographics.  I distinctly remember coming home from school and asking my mom and dad which bubble I should fill-in for race.  Their answer?  Other.  I became “other” for a very, very long time.

But all hail the late 90s and early 2000s when being naturally tan became super hip thanks to the likes of Ricky Martin and J-Lo.  Telling people  “I’m Latina” did compute because I fit the stereotype.  I fit the tan, dark haired, dark eyed picture that says “Yo Soy Latina! Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas!”

Suddenly, Latino/Hispanic popped up on demographics collections everywhere.  I was no longer “other”.

But as a Latina, I know that Latinos’ skin colors run the spectrum from black to white to everything in between.  But, honestly, I had the privilege of fitting the stereotype.  It was enough for me to say I am Latina because I fit.  Honestly, I never understood how frustrating it would be to be a light skinned or dark skinned Latino.  Ever.

We rarely consider how beneficial it can be to fit a stereotype sometimes until you have no choice but to acknowledge it.

After  I had children with my white husband and my sister had her first child with her black husband, we now have three children in our family who are indeed Latinos or Hispanics but are each a different skin color.

One white (La Rubia). One tan (La Grande). One black (El Chiquito).


La Grande inherited the stereotypical look.  La Rubia and El Chiquito didn’t.

I wonder how their lives will differ because of how they look, because in our country skin color matters.  Even if we don’t want it to matter or don’t think it matters…it just does.  Even to me.  I’m guilty of assuming things because of what I see.  I am guilty of jumping to conclusions or locking my car door or holding my purse a little tighter at times.

Our little race box just doesn’t work.  It’s broken.  It’s been broken.  We are so busy trying to group people together and label people and create order in disorder we just keep falling apart.

We want to put Hispanics or Latinos in a race-box so we can put them neatly on the shelf.  But it just doesn’t work and it’s making a  mess of an otherwise black-and-white world.  We left no room for variation.  No room for true diversity because it’s messy and unpredictable.

It’s so easy to demonize or find affinity with a group if you can pick them out in a crowd.  Everyone wants to belong…it’s just a shame that we can’t seem to belong on the most common level…as human beings.

I am praying that our children don’t have to think about their skin color other than to marvel at its beauty.

Being Your Own Barista is Easy!  Let me show you…

Being Your Own Barista is Easy! Let me show you…

byob latte

As promised, here’s my how-to video to make your own latte at home!  It’s super easy and can save you tons of money, especially if you’re a coffee-shop addict.

In the event you’re curious about what you’ll need to brew your perfect latte, here’s what you’ll need:

- An espresso machine, mine is a Cuisinart EM-100.  Homeskillet did a lot of research before selecting this one for my Christmas gift.  And when I say a lot of research, I mean A LOT of research.  He searched for weeks and weeks before buying it.

- 2 shot glasses.  I’m a double shot kind of girl.  Please don’t read into that.  Oh goodness…if Homeskillet reads this, I’ll never live it down.

- Milk frother…like a stainless steel cup.  Bought mine separately, I have a small one cup one, seriously consider grabbing a 12 oz frother.  It’ll help when making lattes for more than one person.

- Hot beverage thermometer…make sure you don’t scald your milk!

- Coffee grinder…if you’re snooty about your grounds…like me.

- Dark roasted coffee…whole bean preferred.  I love a good Ethiopian or French Roast, but you could totally get a more traditional espresso specific roast.  And if you grind at home, you’re looking for a medium fine grind.  Too fine and it clogs the filter cup.

- Your super favorite coffee mug.  The cooler it is, the better your coffee tastes.  True story.

I’m an affiliate for Amazon, so I put together a nifty little widget of all the things you need to grab to make your home latte dreams come true:


So who’s ready to start brewing at home?  Tell me your favorite java drink below!

Are You Holding Yourself Back from Financial Awesomeness?

Are You Holding Yourself Back from Financial Awesomeness?

Let’s face it. When it comes to your money you are the one holding all the cards, whether you want to own it or not.  Brace yourself…I’m getting on the proverbial soap box…

Who spends your money?  You.

Who bought that latte?  You.

Who bit off more rent than they can chew?  You?

Who convinced themselves that salon visits for highlights and manicures are just part of making you look presentable? You.

When you turn your back on your financial reality the only person you have to blame is you.

I wouldn’t be a very good friend or financial counselor if I didn’t give you a little touch money love every now and again.  Nobody said that being financial responsible is easy (as a matter of fact, it sucks).  And nobody said that you deserve to have every single want you have fulfilled immediately.

The truth of the matter is that money is a tool that a lot of us pretend we can’t or don’t know how to use.   But it’s really simple.  Really stupid simple.

4 Stupid Simple Money Rules for Life

stupid simple

Don’t spend more money than you make or have.

It sounds simple, because it is simple.  And no, I won’t hear and but-what-ifs.  Because if you can’t afford to live on what you have and on what resources are available to you, then you sure as heck can’t afford the debt repayment that comes from using credit.

Don’t confuse your personal worth with your financial worth.

If you think what you have and what you own is what makes you you, I’m about to hurt your feelings- you are already bankrupt.  What you have and what you own is material.  If you think that stuff and money is going to fulfill you and make you whole, I promise you it won’t.  You can’t fill emotional voids with anything other than emotional fulfillment.  Stuff is just stuff.

Don’t get it twisted: Needs and Wants are two entirely different things.

If you acquire something to help you secure your physiological/biological and safety vis a vis level 1 and 2 of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, then you’re good to go.  Anything more than that is a want and always comes secondary to your needs.  I classify savings as a level 2 (safety/security) need, so make sure you’re emergency savings comes before any want.

Don’t internalize a sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything.

Nobody owes you anything.  Nobody. Instant gratification is a nasty little byproduct of the upgrade-gotta-have-it-lifestyle that has the average American household swimming in $15,162 of credit card debt according to NerdWallet.

What are your stupid simple money rules that you live by?  Which rules give you the most grief? I wanna know!  Share them below…


What We’ve Learned During Our First 9 Years Of Marriage…

What We’ve Learned During Our First 9 Years Of Marriage…


I swear this was just the other day…

Today Homeskillet and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage.  9 years of laughter.  9 years of ridiculous and some not-so ridiculous arguments.  9 years of booty grabs.  9 years of hugs.  9 years of high fives.

I’d being lying to you if I said it’s been easy.  It’s been infuriating (at times), hair-pullingly frustrating (just look at Homeskillet, he’s bald), emotionally draining (good and bad), and amazingly rewarding.

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You Can Fix Anything & Save Money (With YouTube)

You Can Fix Anything & Save Money (With YouTube)

Yesterday was the day I was going to shampoo my office-play-room-game-room carpet.  I really wanted to outsource this to a local carpet cleaner, but it’s so expensive!

Well, I grabbed my trusty hand-me-down cleaner (thanks, Mom and Dad), prepped the soapy water, and fired it up.

The agitator brushes just sat there, not agitating anything…except for me.

“Okay,” I thought to myself, “it’s a bit old, so maybe if I turn off and turn it on again it’ll work.”  No.

Jiggle the cleaner?  No.

Angle back the handle?  No.

Stomp and glare at it in denial? No.

Take it apart and see what I can do to fix it?  You bet!

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Mommy Doesn’t Want To Share With You

Mommy Doesn’t Want To Share With You

cookiesAll I want is coffee and a biscotti and to enjoy it them alone.  I don’t want to share them with anybody.  And by anybody, I mean that I don’t want to share my treat with my kids.

Isn’t it enough that I share my drinks, my lunch, and my bathroom time?

It’s not fun going to the bathroom with an audience.  Especially an audience that likes to announce the progress of the show.

And how about my uterus?  La Rubia was determined to outstay her welcome.  And thanks to La Grande, I’ll never be able to eat Taco Bell again…well, maybe that was a win/win.

And my boobs?  I have had to share them with everybody in my house at some point or another.

Is it too much to ask?  Am I being too demanding?

Why can’t I just say “Mommy doesn’t want to share with you”?

my girls

Maybe I can hide.  But what are the chances they’ll hear the crinkle of the wrapper?  They’ll ask for a small taste and then a bite.  And then they’ll ask, “can you share it with us?”  When I say “No, this is my cookie,” La Grande will brazenly throw back my own words at me: “Well, don’t you always say it’s kind to share?”

Well, shit.  Yes, yes I did say that.  Don’t you love it when they throw you back at you?

But I don’t want to share.  So I think I’m going to hide.  The pantry might work.  Or maybe the laundry room.  Maybe I’ll just send them upstairs to play so that I can indulge.  Alone.

Do you ever get to enjoy snacks alone?  How do you hide from your mini-minions?

Looks Like Outback Steakhouse and I Are BMFs: #BestMates forever! #Outbackptr

outback, bloomin onion, military mates, military, operation homefront

Yum, yum for the tum, tum! Outback’s New Steak Flights!

It’s no lie.  I love me some ahi tuna.  And steak.  And the always delicious Bloomin’ Onion, but now I get to shout my love for Outback Steakhouse from the rooftops as an official Best Mate (#bestmate)!  Oh, and I’ve also got some gift certificates to share with you…read further down to see how you can score one!

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