Black Friday Cometh…Is Your Budget Prepared?

Black Friday Cometh…Is Your Budget Prepared?

As the official family tightwad, Black Friday represents all that is evil and unholy and spend thrifty.  But, in true Shakespearian form, “I am fortune’s fool” because I’m married to the number one, Black-Friday shopping ninja, who laughs in the face of a midnight kick-off for rock bottom prices  Yes.  My husband, the love of my life, packs heat in the form of  5-hour Energy shots to make sure he misses nothing.

My best stank face.”Whatchutalkinabout, Willis?”

There was one year I thought he’d skip…I believe it was Black Friday 2010.  That Sucka MC waited until I FELL ASLEEP and snuck out all shopping-jujitsu style and came home with Rock Band, Legos, a Tent, five random ass DVDs, and some other stuff that was definitely not on our shopping list.

Oh, he’s got mad strategy.  When you put Homeskillet together with Skeeterboot (his sister…seriously…I can’t make this up…that’s Fayetteville, NC for you), they are an unbeatable Black Friday dream team.  It’s divide and conquer.  They study those ads like they’ve got the damn DaVinci Code buried in it…and all I do is look on in disgust.

Don’t Let Black Friday Bust Your Budget

Alright, so I get it.  Not everybody feels as strongly about Black Friday as I do, so let’s talk money.  I don’t expect all of you to avoid the siren song of killer sales, so how can you exploit Black Friday savings with out breaking the bank?

Approach Black Friday by Shopping with Purpose:

Don’t hit the stores without knowing EXACTLY what you’re out for. There’s nothing more powerful than the adrenaline that comes from competitive shopping…especially if you are easily tempted in stores and you have no list.

Take a page out of Homeskillet and Skeeterboot’s book and study the heck out of the specials.  And remember, Black Friday is a great chance to save money on your holiday spending, but you don’ t want to find yourself racking up debt that you have to pay off in the New Year.

Know Your Black Friday Shopping Budget:

The adrenaline…the specials…the doorbusters….the $5 Blu-ray sale…GAH!  It’s enough to make even the most budget conscious shoppers spend more than they planned.  If credit cards or debit cards are your kryptonite…you often spend more than you intend…try to do your Black Friday shopping with a cash budget.  When the cash runs out, your shopping spree is over.

Prioritize Your Purchases

There are way more sales than you’re going to be able to take advantage of.   I encourage you to put your holiday shopping ahead of your personal shopping.  I know what always seems to happen to Homeskillet is that he goes out with the intent to purchase some hot toys for La Rubia or La Grande and winds up with some random stuff (read: Rock Band) for himself…which he said was for me…because I have time to play Rock Band…oh yeah, after I eat my bonbons.

It Isn’t A Good Deal Just Because It’s On Sale

If something is on sale and you don’t really need it, but you buy it anyways, it’s not  a deal.  You just wasted money.  And if you buy something in multiples that you only needed one of…it isn’t a deal either.  Pause and ask yourself if it is truly something you 1) need and/or 2) will actually use (read: quesadilla maker, cake pop maker…you get the idea).

Exploit Price Matching Policies

You’d be surprised who’s honoring price matches for Black Friday 2012:

What’s on your Black Friday list this year?  What’s the ONE THING you’re hunting?

Shopping carts photo by Олександр on Flickr.



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